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2024 Mid-Winter Business Meeting

Florida Realtors' 2024 Goals: Professionalism, Advocacy, Inclusion

Get to know Florida Realtors President Gia Arvin and find out what's in store for the coming year.

In 2024, Gia Arvin takes the helm of the nation's largest state Realtor® association — and she's taking a "Homegrown" approach, which she defines as focusing on the specific issues facing Florida real estate issues today — and finding innovative solutions to solve them.

Gia Arvin
2024 Florida Realtors® President Gia Arvin

“2024 will be a pivotal year for real estate,” says Arvin. “We must invest in our profession and our communities through our advocacy. We must continue to communicate our value, and we stand with all our Realtor members to support and build amazing communities where we live and work.”

Arvin expects a healthy market with opportunities for buyers, sellers and investors throughout the state. “Buyers from around the country continue to be attracted to Florida’s high quality of life and low taxes,” said Arvin, who is active in residential brokerage. “However, we need to increase our supply of affordable housing.”

As president of the state association, Arvin and her leadership team will focus on helping Realtors® deliver the highest level of service to their clients and communities through information, advocacy and support programs. “We need to adhere to the highest standards of our profession and demonstrate the value we provide to our customers in every transaction,” she said. “We also want to expand our products and services for commercial members.”

Arvin added that our state's Realtors are powerful advocate for homeownership and property rights, and play leading roles in their communities.

“Our members recognize the importance of strong neighborhoods and affordable homes for everyone,” she said. “We are constantly striving to change the lives of Floridians for the better.”

About your president

Arvin, broker-owner with Matchmaker Realty in Gainesville, is a Florida Realtors Board Certified Professional who took over her mother's brokerage after she passed away a few years ago.

Arvin was the 2011 president of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors® and has served on numerous committees. She's been a director and District 1 vice president for the state association. She was also the 2017 Florida president of the Women’s Council of Realtors®

2024 goals

This year, Arvin and the Florida Realtors leadership team want to focus on professionalism, advocacy and inclusion. Here's a closer look at those goals:

  • Continue to promote Board Certified Realtor®.
  • Introduction for Forewarn app to all members.
  • Focus on training needed for a changing climate (Conveyance to Foreign Buyer Act, Buyer Broker Agreement.)
  • Additional support to our commercial, property management, appraisal and auction practitioners.
  • Build on historic year in 2023 for homeownership and affordable housing.
  • Focus on additional insurance reform.
  • Condo reform and access to documents.
  • Water quality and environmental funding.
  • More engaging committee work and involvement.
  • Largest diversity committee, to date.
  • Look to boards for leadership and talent that has not been tapped.
  • Expand Clean Up Florida Waters initiative.