Our Commitment to You
Florida Realtors® Orlando headquarters

Florida Realtors is YOUR Trusted Business Partner

We were by your side during the coronavirus pandemic, fighting to keep your business going. We helped you during market shifts and after hurricanes.

Real estate and Realtors are vital to Florida’s economy – and Florida Realtors proudly walks beside you to help you succeed and to safeguard your interests.

Know that Florida Realtors stands with you.

We will always fight for your industry needs, as we have from the beginning of this pandemic, Florida Realtors has ...

  • Ensured real estate was deemed an essential service while other industries were forced to shut down.
  • Helped secure unemployment benefits for independent contractors, who are not normally entitled to such benefits.
  • Lobbied on your behalf for small business loans and loans for independent contractors.
  • Advocated for and helped facilitate the reopening of vacation rentals.
  • Lobbied for the extension of real estate license renewal periods.
  • Provided Form Simplicity Ultimate (including eSign) at no charge through the end of June.
  • Advocated for the acceptance of online education and CE courses.
  • Provides a FREE Legal Hotline.
  • Provides a FREE Tech Helpline.
  • Provides the latest information, tools and resources to survive and thrive in a COVID-19 environment.

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