Federal Political Coordinator Application

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The faces and voices of the real estate industry before the United States Congress are the members who volunteer as Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs). Nominated by their state presidents and appointed by the President of NAR, they advocate policy initiatives that support a fundamentally sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market.

FPCs are chosen because of their relationships with Members of Congress, their high caliber political work and activities within their Congressional District, or their professional background in issues of importance to the district. Each FPC serves as an educator to their Member of Congress with respect to vital issues in the real estate industry.

For more information about the FPC role, visit NAR's FPC website.

Required duties of Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs):

  • Serve a full two-year term
  • Attend FPC Training & Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Attend NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C.
  • Respond to all NAR and Florida Realtors® Calls for Action
  • Understand the federal legislative issues important to REALTORS® and advocate for the REALTOR® Party
  • Interact with assigned member of Congress regarding REALTOR® legislative priorities at least once per quarter
  • Submit online field reports regarding these quarterly meetings
  • Deliver RPAC contributions in a timely manner

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Additional Information

Are you registered to vote in Florida?
Do you live in the member of Congress’ district?
Are there other boards/associations in this member’s district other than your own?
Did you personally contribute to or volunteer on the member of Congress’ campaign?
Are you an RPAC investor?
If yes, are you an RPAC Major Investor?
Have you ever served as an FPC or Key Contact?

I pledge to uphold the duties and responsibilities of my position to the best of my ability, engage in all required activities, and represent Florida Realtors® professionally.