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Clean Up Florida Waters — Realtors Organizing for the Environment

Each year, thousands of Florida Realtors from across the state gather to clean up lakes, beaches and other waterways.
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See Photos from the 2024 Water Cleanup Event

Around the state, local boards/associations, brokerages, YPN networks and others took to the waters for the first statewide water cleanup project. Take a look at their photos commemorating this amazing event. 

For many of us, Florida’s waterways are our happy place. It’s where we boat, waterski, kayak, paddleboard, play in the ocean, watch the manatee and fish for the next big one.

Each year, primarily in the month of July, Florida Realtors® and community partners come together to clean up our lakes, rivers, streams, bays, Intracoastal Waterway, Gulf and ocean.

We're hoping you can join us — either by organizing an event or joining a cleanup in your area. Every effort will make a difference.

And if July isn't the best month for your organization, feel free to hold your event any time during the year!

Click here to learn more about Florida Realtors' mission to water quality and the environment.

In 2023, more than 120 events took place across the state with 2,238 volunteers collecting 23 tons of trash, covering more than 108 miles of waterways.


How to get involved

Contact your District Vice President (DVP), local association and local YPN Network for details about their cleanup projects. (Find them using our digital Florida Realtors Leadership Reference Guide.) Join their program or create one of your own in your community. 

if you'd like to organize your own event, identify a waterway that’s high profile, easy to access and/or could benefit from a trash pickup event. Solicit your local association of Realtors, brokerage/team and community organizations to get involved. Have any local associations, YPN networks or government/non-profit affiliates scheduled a water cleanup event? Consider joining forces. 

Then decide a date, get your gear and recruit volunteers (not just Realtors, bring your family and friends along!)

Sponsorship dollars can turn your cleanup initiative into an event

Identify movers and shakers within your local Realtor community to secure sponsorships from local merchants who depend on the waterways for their livelihoods: marinas, water tour companies, sports shops, fishing expedition companies, etc. Use these monies for food, drinks and snacks during the event, or an after-party.

Many times, local merchants will donate swag — always appreciated by volunteers! Also, welcome in-kind donations from organizations that wish to sponsor swag bags, hydration stations, event tents and supplies related to the clean-up effort.  

Smart Growth and Placemaking Grants are also available from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Let NAR know you're a good neighbor!

Tally volunteer hours to show the immense impact Realtor volunteers make across Florida. Then, share details and photos about your volunteer projects so NAR can feature your efforts on social media. Shining a spotlight on your community service can inspire others to give back. 

Got questions? 

We’ve got answers…or at least we know who to contact. Please direct your questions to Omar Ho-Sang at