PAC Training Reimbursement

List of Florida Realtors Members Who Can Receive Reimbursement

As an attendee, your travel and lodging expenses may be paid from your local board/association funds and/or local RPAC funds. Others are welcome to attend at their own expense.

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted by completing the local RPAC funds request form, hotel folios and other expense receipts. This form is to be completed only by the local association executive and/or the government affairs director.

Florida Realtors will reimburse one night's stay for the following committee members:

  • Florida Realtors PAC Trustees
  • Florida Realtors Realtor Party Membership Involvement Committee
  • Chair and Vice Chair only for:
    • Florida Realtors® Public Policy Committee
    • Florida Realtors® Issue Mobilization Committee
    • Florida Realtors® PAAG
  • NAR appointees to RPMIC, RPAC Major Investor Council, Corporate Ally Representative, RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee, RPAC Participation Council.

To complete your reimbursement, you will need to fill out a 2024-member travel reimbursement form, which must include the hotel bill. Send the completed form to