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5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should NEVER Automate

These five real estate sales and marketing activities should be handled manually to keep your online strategy a well-oiled machine.

1. Customer Service

A homebuyer lead wants more information on the schools in a community. A former customer has a referral and needs to know how the person should get in touch. A seller wants to negotiate on an offer. A standard “Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll help you shortly!” email response for issues like these doesn’t cut it.

2. Problem Resolution

Hearing someone’s voice or seeing the body language can give you far more insight into their dilemmas and anxieties than a 140-character tweet ever can. Invite your contacts out for coffee or visit them at their residences instead.

3. Promotional Messages on Social Media

Each social network is unique, so craft responses tailored for each outlet: short and sweet messages for Twitter, lengthier updates for Facebook and more visual-based posts for Pinterest and Instagram.

4. Marketing Analytics Reports

An analytics report that’s automatically sent to you can only give you a high-level understanding of what is happening on your website. If you want to know which pages received the most traction and which CTAs garnered the most clicks, you should manually view Google Analytics and other platforms you use.

5. Lead Qualification

There is no shortage of services out there that can help agents qualify leads on an array of criteria—from how often they open emails to the last time they called. It’s easy to assign specifications that automate lead grading, but there are intricate details for each prospect in your real estate CRM database that can’t be quantified, so it’s best to use your judgment when assessing leads.

Matthew Bushery is a content marketing specialist. He was previously the senior content creator for, a real estate marketing tech startup firm in Boston.