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Start-Up Tampa iBuyer Inspecting Its Homes for Ghosts

In a Halloween-season publicity move, the iBuyer’s listing ads will include info on unusual electrical fields, unexplained movements and feelings of being watched.

TAMPA, Fla. – The real estate platform Bungalo – an iBuyer that fixes and flips homes exclusively online – says it wants to make home buying a bit less scary. It announced the addition of an added step to its home inspection process – a paranormal scan of its properties.

In a marketing ploy timed for Halloween, each of the 23 homes it has listed for sale on the Bungalo platform in Tampa has the report. The service says paranormal scans will also be conducted in Charlotte and Dallas. Buyers will have access to the reports’ findings on Bungalo’s website.

The firm call them “paranormal inspection reports,” and it will use a third party to scan properties for ghosts. Inspectors will report on activities such as unusual electrical fields, unexplained movement, and even just feelings of being watched.

“[We want to make sure] customers move in with confidence and certainty,” says Bungalo President Deb Bradley. “We inspect each home on our platform meticulously to guarantee zero unwanted surprises, and this October, this includes surprises of the supernatural kind. … Performing paranormal inspections in addition to our usual home inspections gives our buyers added peace of mind knowing that they’re making the right choices with the most important purchase of their lives.”

Source: “True Story: Real Estate Platform Is Now Inspecting Homes for Ghosts,” (Oct. 10, 2019) and Bungalo

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