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5 Ideas for Successful Real Estate Video Marketing

Businesses can use video to show they’re a trustworthy brand to clientele. A profile video can offer info about the firm’s history and market expertise, for example.

PHOENIX – The key objective of online marketing is to establish a business as a trustworthy brand.

A profile video is an effective way to launch a branding initiative. This can include creating a compelling narrative that showcases a company’s history, current market positioning, and expertise. The physical office should be featured in the video to connect with potential customers who cannot drop in personally.

People are more likely to trust actual customers rather than brands, which is the reason why positive testimonials can have a significant effect on deal closures.

From the selling perspective, property listing videos can make a substantial difference. Potential buyers can get a fair idea about the properties on offer and sometimes even make buying decisions based on these visuals.

Having question-and-answer videos covered by an expert can also help Realtors engage with their audience.

Another form of video marketing can be how-to videos. Realtors can create them with different ideas, from choosing the best property for the customer's needs to handling the paperwork. Customers will likely come back for more insights through these informative pieces.

Source: (02/07/20) McKinsey, Kurt