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Don’t Act Like a Real Estate App – Act Like a RE App Store

Agents who embrace new technologies are the source of information rather than singularly focused on the steps it takes to get a client from listing to closing.

SAN FRANCISCO – At a recent event, HomeLight CEO Drew Uher addressed the current narrative around changes within the real estate industry. Uher said headlines predicting the fall of real estate agents are incorrect, going so far as to say those “writers have no idea what they’re talking about.”

According to Uher, the real estate industry is indeed being changed by new technologies – but agents can embrace those technologies to transform their profession and thrive in the digital age.

Uher compared real estate agents to smartphones in his talk. He said the savviest agents position themselves as the app store rather than one app that can be discarded after it has fulfilled its purpose.

Agents should be able to provide guaranteed home financing and creative down payment assistance, Uher said. In addition, agents should not shy away from discussing digital rivals with clients, secure in the knowledge that even when a buyer looks at an iBuyer offer, they’re statistically more likely to return to the agent than not.

Another good “app” role agents can play is helping with home trading, giving peace of mind to the client.

Finally, agents should provide solutions for clients looking for liquidity without having to move.

Source: Inman (01/31/20) Brambila, Andrea V.