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The Generational Shades of Social Media

Social media makes it easy to stay in touch with clients after a closing – providing they’re on the same site you are. Top social media choices can vary by age.

NEW YORK – After a transaction closes, it’s important to continue connecting with clients in a targeted, personalized way that takes into account the client’s generational age.

People of Generation Z (10-23 years old), for example, tend to conduct daily check-ins on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, according to research by Business Insider. Gen Zers also frequently rely on reviews and testimonials, according to a survey.

That reliance on reviews and testimonials is also important to millennials (24-39 years old), who also seek third-party validation. But for millennials, Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular social media sites, Pew Research finds. When searching for information or support, millennials require immediate responsiveness, especially online.

People in Generation X (40-55 years old) most frequently turn to Facebook when it comes to getting product or service updates, according to a Sprout Social report. But eMarketer reports that Gen Xers could be deterred from engaging on social media due to pervasive ads.

Meanwhile, baby boomers (56-74 years old) check in on Facebook and YouTube, according to Pew Research, but many are also active on Pinterest. Malwarebytes research reveals that baby boomers are the least likely to share sensitive information through social media, so collecting contact info may be challenging.

Facebook is the leading platform for the Silent Generation (75-92 years old), according to Pew Research, and it continues to grow in popularity. Pew also found that nearly one-third of Silent Generation members completely avoid the internet overall, so connecting with them elsewhere is essential.

Source: RISMedia (02/04/20) De Vita, Suzanne

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