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HUD’s Budget Proposal for 2021 Released

The 2021 president’s budget requests $47.9B for HUD’s programs, or about $8.6B less than the enacted level for 2020. Some programs would get a boost as others are cut.

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced the release of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget, called “A Budget for America’s Future.” The FY21 budget seeks to provide the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with $47.9 billion in funding to assist the fight to end homelessness, boost the promotion of healthy homes, and help America’s low-income families pay rent, though the amount is $8.6 billion less than the enacted level for 2020.

“The President’s budget proposal provides HUD with the resources to serve America’s most vulnerable populations in an efficient and compassionate manner,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson in a release. “We must remember, compassion is not always how many people we can get on a government program, but rather how many people we can help graduate out of a program and into financial independence. The road to self-sufficiency is one that is sure to improve the lives of all Americans.”

HUD’s overview of 2021 proposed budget

  • $2.8 billion to assist the fight to end homelessness: HUD says it will continue working with local and state governments to compassionately house their most vulnerable populations through grant funds for emergency shelters, rapid re-housing, and transitional and permanent supportive housing.
  • $425 million to boost healthy homes: The President is requesting $425 million to mitigate health and safety hazards through lead remediation, carbon monoxide detectors, and healthy home grants.
  • $41.3 billion to help Americans pay rent: HUD says the budget supports the same number of rental-assisted households as were served last year while re-proposing a bold set of reforms to ensure the programs are sustainable for the future.
  • $190 million to pave the path to self-sufficiency: This supports key initiatives like the Department’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program, which has more than 70,000 active participant households and 5,409 graduates. HUD’s Jobs-Plus Program is geared toward increasing employment opportunities and earnings of public housing residents through a three-pronged approach of employment services, rent-based work incentives, and community support.
  • Support housing finance reform: In FY2021, the Department re-introduced its plan for reforming the nation’s housing finance system. HUD says the plan’s goals is to make sure the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA or Ginnie Mae) continue to perform their missions effectively.
  • Build and preserve housing supply: The 2021 President’s budget requests $100 million for the Office of Housing’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. RAD gives public housing authorities (PHAs) the resources needed to preserve and improve public housing properties and address the nationwide backlog of deferred maintenance.
  • Protect taxpayer dollars: HUD established an Agency-Wide Integrity Task Force, that strives to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayers’ dollars as part of this strategic goal.

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