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Tornado with lightning threatens country road
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Tornado with lightning

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund Gives $25K in Aid

The donation, which NAR will distribute through its Realtor Relief Fund, will help those affected by the recent tornados in Tennessee.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Realtors® Disaster Relief Fund approved a $25,000 contribution to help Realtors affected by the recent tornados that struck Tennessee.

“Florida’s Realtors understand the impact that a disaster like a hurricane or a tornado has on people, their homes, businesses and communities, and our hearts go out to the those suffering after the tornados that struck Nashville and other areas of Tennessee,” says Florida Realtors President Barry Grooms, a Realtor and co-owner of Florida Suncoast Real Estate Inc. in Bradenton. “Here in Florida, Realtors personally understand how important it is to provide assistance during the long road to recovery – we have committed $25,000 from our Disaster Relief Fund to help in the rebuilding efforts.”

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund Chair Patti Ketcham says, “One of the most heartfelt privileges we have as a member of the Realtor family is when you can reach out and immediately help fellow Realtors in other parts of our country. Because of the generosity of Florida Realtors, your trustees at the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) were able to donate $25,000 to the Realtor Relief Fund to provide assistance to the Tennessee Realtors.”

The $25,000 donation will be given to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Realtor Relief Fund (RRF), which will distribute it to those who need help.

Since Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, Florida Realtors has had a disaster relief program to assist the Realtor family in times of distress. For Andrew alone, the fund awarded more than $300,000 in grants to members and their families who suffered property damage in the storm.

In 2004 and 2005, Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund efforts were reactivated after Florida was hit by nine different storms. During that time, the Disaster Relief Fund awarded over $2 million in grants to aid Realtors, their real estate employees, Realtor board/associations and association staff.

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund efforts don’t stop at the state’s border, however. In 2005, the Disaster Relief Fund sent $150,000 to help Hurricane Katrina victims, for example, and it continues to send assistance around the country to victims of wildfires, tornadoes, out-of-state hurricanes and flooding.

Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant says, “The DRF has a long history of helping victims of disasters both in Florida and in other states. The Realtor heart is alive and well in Florida where hundreds of members contribute to the DRF annually. We are so incredibly grateful for all contributions which allow the DRF to continue to assist in times of need.”

DRF is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charity and accepts monetary donations online and by check.

For more information or to donate, visit the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund page on the website.

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