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A Good Time to Upgrade Tech? Here Are 550 Options

From marketing to organization to contracts, tech does it all, but the sheer number of products is confusing. To get started, check T3 Sixty’s list organized by function.

NEW YORK – From showing solutions, lead routing systems and search engine optimization to video and email marketing, virtual tours and artificial intelligence, there’s no shortage of technology products geared to the real estate business – and the list continues to grow.

Real estate consulting firm T3 Sixty estimates a growing field of about 2,000 industry technology products and vendors. How do you choose the right one for your business?

A new guide – the Tech 500 report – organizes residential real estate technology into 62 categories based on their use, such as broker platforms, customer relationship systems and more. From there, they evaluated and analyzed the products and services according to seven criteria: innovation and application, reliability, market share, client satisfaction or adoption metrics, year-over-year growth, service and support to clients, and impact in the industry. T3 Sixty says no technology vendor paid to be included in the report.

The report doesn’t suggest one vendor over another beyond deciding that they’re worthy of inclusion in the list, and it organizes them by category so real estate pros can see the range of choices per function.

“Sifting through available technology vendors without any context or idea of value is challenging for anyone looking for practical solutions,” says Travis Saxton, T3 Sixty’s vice president of technology, who led the research.

The Tech 500 report, which is free, has more than 550 technology providers and products listed within the categories, including those geared to engaging the consumer (labeled as “Top of the Funnel” in the report) to transaction management systems and back office solutions (labeled as “Enterprise Software”).

“The residential real estate brokerage industry has a vast pool of technology to choose from,” notes T3 Sixty in the report. “It seems to get bigger every day, and there is no easy way to determine quality vendors – those with happy customers, great support, adaptive and forward-thinking product road maps, and innovative tools – from the many out there.”

Source: “Tech 500,” T3 Sixty (March 26, 2020)

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