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Florida Realtors Opens E-Signatures for Member Use

As a result of COVID-19 affecting Fla.’s real estate industry, the association’s leadership team opened up Form Simplicity so more members can use eSign.
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Free Form Simplicity eSign and Close! Webinars

Learn how to create electronic signatures sessions for your transactions in Form Simplicity. This webinar will also view the eSign session from your client’s perspective to understand the steps they need to go through to complete a transaction. Plus: Learn how to create and use custom eSign templates for the personal files you have uploaded into Form Simplicity.

ORLANDO, Fla. – In order to help Florida Realtors® members maintain proper social distancing, the association’s leadership team approved an upgrade for over 130,000 members not already subscribed to Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition – at no cost to them. Florida Realtors will also provide a discount to members whose individual Ultimate Edition renewals will take place through June 30, 2020.

Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition includes a full range of features, including unlimited eSign, the electronic signature feature, and unlimited document storage, which allows Realtors to manage their forms online from beginning to end.

“The main goal of this initiative was to provide access to eSign to all of the members who didn’t have it, so they could continue transacting business electronically and not have to meet in person,” says Florida Realtors President Barry Grooms, a Realtor and co-owner of Florida Suncoast Real Estate Inc. in Bradenton.

Florida Realtors is providing the following:

  • Florida Realtors members not subscribed to the Ultimate Edition started receiving this member benefit as of April 8. They will receive it at no cost through June 30, 2020. Members have the benefit of electronic signatures (eSign) and can fully manage their transactions online without having to meet customers and clients in person.
  • Florida Realtors members already subscribed to the Ultimate Edition as individual users with a renewal scheduled between April 9 through June 30, 2020, will automatically receive a discount on their renewal. This equates to more than three months of free service of the Ultimate Edition.

“We hope that the paperless features in Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition will help minimize disruptions to members’ transactions during this crisis,” Grooms says. “We would also like to thank our eSign vendor, Constellation1 eSign, for helping us to facilitate the eSign discount for new users of the Ultimate Edition.”

In addition, Grooms thanked local boards and brokerages that already provide the Ultimate Edition to their members saying, “This feature is so important for all our members right now, and we are thankful for their support as we roll out this initiative.”

To learn how to create eSign sessions, members can access Form Simplicity’s Help Center. There, they can watch video tutorials, access step-by-step instructions or sign up to free webinars. To access the Help Center, login to Form Simplicity and click HELP. The list of webinars is available in the Training page.

Florida Realtors Tech Helpline is also available to help members with any Form Simplicity questions.

Prior to this Form Simplicity change, Florida Realtors provided all members with the Professional Edition of Form Simplicity as an included member benefit at no additional cost. The Professional Edition includes many paperless transaction management solution features. The Ultimate Edition, which includes the unlimited eSign and unlimited document storage features, was available for a small additional fee.

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