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Maskot, Getty Images’s ‘Sellers Marketplace’ Compares iBuyer Offers

A new option gives sellers side-by-side comparisons for instant iBuyer offers from selected companies or they can “list on the open market with an agent.”

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – claims its new Seller’s Marketplace “empowers homeowners to sell their home their way and allows them to compare information side-by-side and choose the option that works best for their situation.”

While one of those options is “List on the open market with an agent,” the others are iBuyer instant offers from Opendoor, EasyKnock, HomeGo and says more iBuyers will be added soon. says it takes just a few clicks and some basic information for sellers to see their options. Once finished, they’ll be given “side-by-side estimates for sale price, timeline and more with no upfront cost or commitment.”

When homeowners arrive at Seller’s Marketplace, says they’ll have four options right now:

  • Sell Now via an instant offer with Opendoor
  • Sell Now, Move later with EasyKnock
  • Sell Now in Any Condition with HomeGo or
  • List on the open market with an agent is promoting Seller’s Marketplace as a “one-stop shop for home selling information, resources and connections,” according to David Masters, director of product management at “Rather than become an iBuyer ourselves, aims to be a trusted and unbiased source that points consumers in the right direction.”

Opendoor’s chief product officer, Tom Willerer, says it’s the next step in the movement of real estate online.

“Even as retail, grocery, and financial services have gone digital, the real estate transaction has remained mostly offline,” says Willerer. “When a homeowner visits to start their selling journey, they can request an offer from Opendoor,’s iBuyer partner, as an alternative to selling their home on the open market.”

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