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Survey: The Pandemic Changed Attitudes About Rooms

The family room has long been favored because it increases quality time – but things have changed. Owners working from home now prefer the privacy of their bedroom.

NEW YORK – In a yearly survey, the family room has long been the favorite room in the house – it’s where homeowners get to spend quality time with other family members. But things changed in 2020 as more people work from home.

As a result, the favorite room of the house is the one that offers privacy and quiet – the owner’s bedroom. In a survey conducted by Ally Home, some respondents said the bedroom is where “they can hide from family members.”

Five favorite rooms in the house

  • Owner’s bedroom: 27%
  • Family room: 14%
  • Kitchen: 10%
  • Owner’s bath: 9%
  • Man or woman cave: 7%

Along with more time spent at home came an increase in homeowners who are planning improvement projects, according to the survey: 88% of the 2,000 homeowners surveyed say they’re considering improvements to make it more “staycation-ready.” The most popular projects under consideration center on the outdoors:

  • 38%: Installing an in-ground or above-ground pool or spa
  • 35%: Building an outdoor athletic court
  • 29%: Improvements to a porch, deck or patio

Source: Ally Home

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