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International: Global Awards and Better Translation Tool

The deadline to submit applications for NAR’s Global Achievement Award is Sept. 25. Also: The NAR+Photofy app added new languages to boost listings’ reach.

WASHINGTON – The pandemic may have impacted the international real estate market this spring, but deals continue to get done.

The National Association of Realtors®’ (NAR) Global Achievement Program recognizes and rewards the most active associations in global business. Its goal is to reward best practices and share members’ insights with fellow members.

NAR is currently accepting applications for the NAR Global Achievement Award. The web-based application for will be open for submissions until Sept. 25, 2020.

NAR+Photofy adds new languages

Photofy allows Realtors to share content and personalized messages from NAR’s consumer ad campaign across the world. So far, however, those messages could only be shared in English and Spanish. Last week, however, NAR President Vince Malta announced that members have new options – French, Japanese, Romanian and Portuguese.

“NAR is fortunate to have the scale, resources and member support to back a national advertising campaign that exemplifies who Realtors are and the value they bring to a transaction,” says Malta.

NAR members can share 100-plus customizable and static assets in dozens of additional countries. With more than 100 partner associations currently operating in 85 countries, NAR says its global team has focused on developing initiatives that strengthen international partnerships and generate additional visibility.

“New assets like these create engagement with members in dozens of nations and who speak these languages, allowing them to reach across international borders, discover new clients and generate new business opportunities,” says Katie Johnson, general counsel and chief member experience officer at NAR.

NAR encourages Realtor members to personalize and share “That’s Who We R” campaign assets on their social media accounts. More information can be found on NAR’s international language assets page or by visiting (link is external) to create a Photofy account and gain access to campaign assets.

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