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NAR How-To Buyer Videos Show Realtors’ Involvement

An 8-episode first-time homebuyer series on YouTube focuses on the problems that can occur during a transaction – and the Realtors who solve those problems.

CHICAGO – The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) launched a new digital video series to over 40 million households on Roku, a top streaming TV platform in the U.S.

Unlike most real estate-themed programs, however, First-Time Buyer focuses on the relationship between a Realtor and homebuyer as they encounter hiccups on the way to submitting a successful contract or closing a sale.

“First-Time Buyer provides an up-close look at real-life home buyers, telling stories about the critical role Realtors play in every transaction from beginning to end,” says NAR President Charlie Oppler.

First-Time Buyer’s eight episodes were filmed in the Atlanta, Nashville and Phoenix metro areas. NAR partnered with Happy Street Entertainment on production, which began in February and, after COVID-19 delays, was completed in October.

“We’re showing the Realtor value in the homebuying experience,” says Alicia Bailey, NAR’s director of marketing strategy and head of production.

In addition to streaming on Roku, each 15-minute episode is also available on YouTube, Facebook and, which also offers behind-the-scenes content and more resources about the homebuying process.

By focusing on some of the hiccups that occur while buying a home, NAR says the series underscores how Realtors support their clients through any hurdle they may – and likely will – face throughout the process.

“It’s never as smooth as it appears on other shows,” says Susan Welter, NAR’s vice president of creative and content strategy.

First-Time Buyer is an extension of NAR’s consumer advertising campaign, “That’s Who We R,” which works to highlight Realtors’ commitment to the association’s Code of Ethics and the distinction it draws between Realtors and other real estate agents.

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