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Grow Leaders: Create an Agent Leadership Council

Training and promoting leaders can lead to brokerage and team success – and even real estate industry success. An Agent Leadership Council may be a good way to start.

NEW YORK – Grow leaders by creating an in-house leadership council – a way to help grow agent leaders, as well as future leaders of real estate brokerages, teams and state regulatory bodies.

The first step: Consider the purpose of the agent leadership council. It could focus on regulatory real estate issues, technology or culture; or it could more broadly weigh in on decisions that affect all agents.

Once the purpose is clear, it will make it easier to bring the right agent leaders on board who will enthusiastically get behind the mission. Many agent leadership councils also have sub-committees that carry out specific missions.

The next step: Determine who will be a part of the agent leadership council and how it will be run. What’s the criteria to join? Do council members need to be nominated? Can someone come from anywhere in the organization? And who makes membership decisions? Some brokerages consider eligible agents as ones in the top 20% of the organization.

Finally, the agent leadership council must agree to abide by the covenants. Those could include leading by example with personal production and mentorship of other team members; providing local and national leadership in training, masterminds and other events; attending and hosting specific training; and/or regular engagement with team members across the organization.

Source: Inman (01/21/21) Hergenrother, Adam

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