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Radically Differentiate Yourself to Win More Listings

Many buyers and sellers want to “click” with a real estate agent, and tactics that subtly say, “I’m different, and here’s why …” can secure more customers.

NEW YORK – Agents need to efficiently and convincingly communicate to customers why they’re the best choice.

To accomplish that, agents should strive to portray themselves and their team as being different and better than that buyer's or seller’s other options.

How to do that? Factors that work in an agent’s favor include their relationship with the client, experience in real estate, experience outside real estate and dedication. To get this across to customers, agents can highlight a statistic or an anecdote, or both, to demonstrate their effectiveness in selling a home Testimonials should also back this up.

Agents should also try to identify at least one special thing about their marketing plan that other agents aren’t doing, then communicate to the seller how that, along with other actions, will help sell their home in a specific way. Unique features about their team, database or company can also be highlighted to emphasize that the client can only get that through them.

To focus on services, agents can discuss something interesting about how they save clients time and money, as well as how they excel at communication. To back up these claims agents can point to post-sale communications to show how they provide ongoing value beyond a single transaction.

Source: RISMedia (03/22/21) Johnson, Sherri

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