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Rank Higher on Google and Improve Website Traffic

If your website tops a list of results in a Google search, it can double or even triple the number of people who contact you. The key? Amount and quality of content.

SAN FRANCISCO – When a real estate website is at the top of search engine results, it can mean doubling – if not tripling – traffic and leads.

How to get there? Agents should try to fill their website with helpful content such as blogs, neighborhood guides, advice on relocating to the area and school districts. Websites can also feature “people also ask” questions, which show up on the first page of Google results – a dropdown box feature for common questions related to their search.

Agents should also regularly update their Google My Business account at least two to three times each month, adding new photos or utilizing the “posts” section to promote new listings, team members or website content. This makes it more likely Google will feature the company in the “three-pack” of companies featured on the first page of Google when a person searches for a service.

Other key steps for agents include adding Pinterest for businesses and reaching out to local resources to provide articles about topics, such as who is moving to the area or what new residents should know about the city.

For an extra boost, real estate pros can boost online reviews by adding links to their Google page’s review section in their email signature, on the footer of their website or in newsletters, social media pages, and anywhere else they can think of.

Another strategy is to become an active forum user on sites like Quora or Reddit, citing housing prices or market statistics and, if relevant, adding a link back to their website content.

Source: Inman (04/06/21) Hulbert, Kate

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