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Put Sellers’ Pets in Listing Photos? The Internet Loves It

On the one hand, it shows a home is pet friendly and great for families. It also draws in more homebuyers. On the other hand, it could suggest pet odor problems.

NEW YORK – A growing number of home sellers and real estate professionals are featuring pets in their listing photos.

“It does get the listing more attention, more shares, more social interaction when you share it,” says Elizabeth Baker, a Realtor with Re/Max Southern Shores.

Adding pets in some listing photos can help emphasize a home’s pet-friendliness, as well as create a sense of fun around a listing. If the property is a farm or equestrian property, then pictures of the animals or horses and their surroundings would be an advantage.

Baker puts photos of dogs in almost all of her home listings, and strives to achieve a natural look. She might have one or two photos of a dog on the master bed or on a living room couch. In general, Baker says small dogs seem to generate the best reactions.

However, other real estate agents advise against putting pets in a home’s listing because they feel a home should be decluttered and depersonalized, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves residing in the space. In addition, many potential buyers aren’t interested in owning a pet, and some could even have allergies to pet hair and dander.

While the pet-no pet discussion continues over listing photos, most agents concur that pets should not be in the home during showings or an open house. And sellers who include pets in listing photos should go the extra mile to deep clean their home – notably the carpeting – before showings to remove lingering pet smells.

Source: Money (06/11/21) Cook, Leslie

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