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Tampa Bay Realtor Hosts Cooking Show in Her Listings

Tina Newby can advertise her listings by showing off their kitchens, and she does that by actually cooking in them with the videos posted on her Facebook channel.

TAMPA – Realtor Tina Newby has a unique branding strategy: She hosts a cooking show – and she cooks using a kitchen in of one of her listings.

Once completed, she posts the videos on her Realtor Can Cook Facebook page.

Newby says that the show is a family production. Her husband shoots and edits the videos, while her children help arrange food and ingredients, set up lights and clean the kitchen afterwards.

In the current market where properties don’t stay on the market long, Newby says it can be a balancing act right now to host shows in the houses she sells.

“The thing is the consistency,” she notes. “I can’t just say, ‘I’m too busy, I’m not going to do it,’ because everybody expects it. If I stop doing it, then people are going to assume that I’m no longer doing it, or I’m no longer a real estate agent.”

Newby also believes the cooking video can also show off the house’s advantages.

“I think for us as humans, we are drawn to the kitchen – surrounded by the countertop, by the sink, talking, getting drinks, and it’s just a natural thing for us,” she says. “I felt like if you can picture yourself cooking, spending time with your family in the kitchen, you know that this is going to be a wonderful home for you.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times (05/27/21) Mahoney, Emily L.

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