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3 Google Analytics Stats You Need to Track

Google Analytics can help real estate pros and other small business owners answer perhaps their most important question: How am I doing?

SAN FRANCISCO – Google Analytics can help real estate agents understand their audience and identify places where they can improve their website.

One area to focus on: Audience demographics. Users can build a profile of the people visiting their website, as well as see what cities and states visitors come from.

For instance, if lots of the buyers in a particular area come from California – but very little website traffic comes from California – it might be an opportunity for the agent to develop website content geared to attract those specific buyers

Next, agents should use the acquisition section of Google Analytics to see how people find their website, which can include organic traffic, direct traffic, social media referrals and paid search engine traffic. By examining these numbers, agents can gauge how well their existing marketing efforts work.

For example, if agents post frequently on social media but see little traffic coming to their website from social networks, agents should examine the structure of their posts and whether or not they include clear calls to action encouraging readers to visit their website.

Finally, Google Analytics’ behavior section tells agents which website pages are bringing in visitors and how those visitors navigate the website. The behavior report may vary based on factors like how much content a website has and what pages, posts or listings are being promoted. This report also highlights larger trends that agents can use to adjust their action plans.

Source: Inman (08/04/21) Hulbert, Kate

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