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Divorces Lead to About 732K Home Sales Each Year

Life changes spark home sales, and divorces are a big one. Of 1.2M yearly divorces, 61% involve the sale of a home. Finding these couples can be a bit tricky, though.

SAN FRANCISCO – Charles Curry, head of marketing for training platform Authorify, notes that approximately 1.2 million U.S. couples get divorced every year, of whom about 61% list their home for sale.

Divorcees listing a home are also motivated to sell, typically because they need the money. They have attorneys to pay and many want to buy another home once the divorce is finalized.

But where to find the names and addresses of the soon-to-be divorced?

Agents can find leads by accessing court records. And if that’s too time consuming, they can hire freelancers from sites like Fiverr to look up the records.

Agents should also consider forming relationships with divorce attorneys in their market and ask them to refer clients.

In divorce sales, Curry says trust is vital to form connections, and agents should emphasize that when reaching out to people going through a divorce. To get the listing, gain their trust.

While the one-on-one bond is important for building trust, however, it also means ensuring that every social media account an agent has features uniform information: their brokerage’s name, their business address, their license number, their contact information and their website link. They should also have good reviews from the last three months on all their online profiles, including Zillow, and Facebook.

Once agents get a lead, they need to reach out effectively. They need to satisfactorily answer issues, such as how divorcees can get the most money for their home, how they can navigate through the transaction with their ex, and how they can increase the value of their home.

Curry also advises agents to provide a comparative market analysis, a free guide on how to sell their homes and/or a digital book.

Finally, he suggests that agents send follow-up emails at least once per week to help stay top of mind.

Source: Inman (08/12/21) Brandt, Libertina

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