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Is It Worth Doing a Podcast if No One Listens?

A podcast can connect you to a lot of people and being “the community expert” can draw in a lot of leads. If you’re going to do a podcast, focus on that local insight.

NEW YORK – When expanding a real estate brand, a key goal is to build trust within your local community and become a voice of authority. To this end, real estate agents should consider launching a podcast.

Maria Quattrone, founder and CEO of Maria Quattrone & Associates in Philadelphia, has recorded more than 150 Facebook live events since the onset of the pandemic, and converted them into the Be the Solution podcast.

In the podcast, agents record an episode every week and as often as three times per week. They alternate between two types of shows – “Mega Agent,” which features friends in real estate across the country and even in Canada, and “Business” episodes, which focus on local leaders and community organizations.

Agents interested in starting a podcast should start by creating a theme, which should be something that’s meaningful to agents and their team. Be the Solution, for instance, seeks to be the team that gets properties sold after other agents or brokerages fail.

Next, invest in good recording equipment, such as a webcam, ring light and a headset with an external microphone. Suggestions for a successful podcast series include:

  • Create a dedicated space for interviews
  • Research guests well ahead of time
  • Listen closely to guests rather than running through a list of questions; ask follow-up questions based on what the guest says
  • Be consistent and promote the podcast via e-blasts, social media and other platforms
  • The focus shouldn’t be on a particular agent. It should be about learning, networking and staying plugged in to what’s happening locally and beyond

Source: Inman (09/23/21) Quattrone, Maria

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