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6 Ways to Create Video Walk-Throughs That Attract Leads

First, plan how to best show the listing’s standout features, then write a script that matches the video images. Keep in mind equipment needs, too.

NORWALK, Conn. – To gain new leads and sell homes fast, it is essential for real estate agents to conduct video walk-throughs of for-sale properties. Agents first need to create a plan for how to best showcase a listing.

For instance, a large backyard can be a strong selling point to families.

Once agents have an idea of how they want to present the listing, they need to write a script. It can be based on a description that is already written for a particular listing. The goal is to have a clear, concise script that aligns with the video imagery.

While agents can use their smartphone to get a high-quality finished product, they can also consider adding a video camera, a drone for aerial shots, a good microphone and editing software.

Next, agents should do a few practice runs to ensure the video is just right. If needed, changes to the script or other elements can be made. When making the listing video, agents should ensure there is sufficient natural light getting into the property.

They can also consider hiring a videographer, who typically will have access to the best equipment, and an editor to help put the entire video together with no mistakes.

Agents should share the completed videos across their social media accounts, pair them with a link to the listing, provide a few highlights of the property and include their contact information.

Furthermore, agents can ask viewers what their favorite feature is to encourage a conversation and increase engagement.

Source: RISMedia (06/29/21) Brown, Paige

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