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How to Groom and Grow a Facebook Page

Facebook provides an effective and free way to market a real estate business – providing agents maximize their chances for success.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals effectively use Facebook to show they care for homebuyers and demonstrate their authenticity to potentially a huge audience. Facebook had 2.89 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2021.

The best way to use Facebook for marketing? Agents should ensure their Facebook page displays a clear portrait photo with a neutral background, with a photo where they gaze confidently and directly at the camera.

The Facebook cover can consist of a static image, video or slideshow that is eye-catching and relevant to the business. Free tools like Canva can help agents refine the layout.

If the agent’s brand identity includes a slogan, it can be included as a short description in the page’s “About” section. This section consists of two parts – a short description summarizing the business and a part called additional information. One approach could be to use the description field for contact information. The objective of the second part then is to get the agent’s message through and provide a sense of the Realtor’s personality. The page’s main category should cite Real Estate Agent, and the title of the page should reflect the agent’s personal brand or occupation.

After the page’s backbone has been created, it’s important to keep content fresh. That should include a posting schedule and regular updates.

Postings are like the Goldilocks story – not too much and not too little. Something in the middle is just right.

Since the goal is for viewers to form a positive impression of the agent, they shouldn’t post excessively or brag a lot about their successes. In all cases, they should first decide what their followers want to see. A good ratio would be 80% customer-centric content, and 20% business and bragging posts.

Agents planning to engage with their audience via video should create clips longer than a minute, or, optionally, use the Facebook Live feature to connect in real-time.

Source: Realty Biz News (10/18/2021) Butler, Mihaela Lica

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