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Youth baseball players cheering

Score Big: Add Your Logo to Youth Sports Uniforms

'When you put your logo and information on, say, 17 uniforms, you’re reaching 17 sets of parents, 17 sets of grandparents and more.'

“I think that [consumers] are a bit fatigued seeing Realtor® content on social media,” says Derek Epperly, principal broker of Keys Atlantic Realty in Key West.

Epperly is the only agent with the brokerage. But, he says, the exposure on social is important. So, he said, he started sponsoring youth sports team uniforms.

“You put your logo on a sports team and every photo that a [parent] takes and shares on social has your name on it,” he says.

In his area, Epperly says that he reaches a lot of first-time homebuyers and military families with his sports marketing.

“Being the coach and sponsor of a team, I find that people look to me for direction. The last family I worked with was a military family who was moving out of the area,” he says. They knew Epperly because of sports and asked him to list their house and help them find an agent in the area where they were moving.

Epperly finds that piggybacking on his passions, in this case youth sports and hurricane relief [he’s from South Louisiana], show authenticity, and that naturally brings him business.

Here are some of his tips.

1. Follow the rules. 

While Epperly has a 3-year-old who plays soccer and gymnastics and a 7-year-old who plays baseball, you don’t need to have a child playing youth sports to advertise. But, you must adhere to state advertising rules.

One part of the rule says that “All real estate advertisements must include the licensed name of the brokerage firm.” For Epperly, “When you put your logo and information on, say, 17 uniforms, you’re reaching 17 sets of parents, 17 sets of grandparents and more.” Epperly says he pays around $300 a year to put his logo and info on a team’s uniforms.

2. Think about banners.

Another way Epperly gets his name out there is by buying a banner that hangs on a sports field. “There are so many people who visit local sports fields that your name and brokerage firm get tons of exposure.” Banners are about $1,000 a year.

3. Provide value. 

The advertising is great, but it’s the conversations with parents and sports fans that Epperly says set him apart from others.

“My involvement is with things that I’m passionate about. For him, that means “going way beyond the closing with my clients to make sure they’re OK for years.”

Epperly says he does some property management at no charge and makes it clear he is the source for information in the community, particularly as it relates to home improvement contractors and local businesses.

“About 75% of my business last year was from referrals, friends of previous customers, parents of kids on sports teams and more,” says Epperly.

Tracey C. Velt is a contributing editor for Florida Realtor® magazine.