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Marketing With ChatGPT? Top 3 Input Prompts

ChatGPT uses AI to help you write what you want to say, only better. For best results, your prompts should be clear, concise and creative (the three C’s).

NEW YORK – A new artificial intelligence-based (AI) chat tool called ChatGPT, offered by OpenAI, can enhance real estate professionals’ marketing and business efforts by answering a variety of questions using language that sounds natural.

However, while the machine “learns,” it needs appropriate prompts – such as phrases and questions – that serve as the basis for the machine-learning model.

Successful prompts typically have a noun, adjective and verb, and offer sufficient context for the model to generate a useful response. Prompts also need to be clear, concise and creative (the three Cs).

When writing prompts, agents should write at least three to seven words. An example is, “Write me a caption for my Instagram post about my new 3BD townhome that I’m listing for sale. I need to make the house sound luxurious and approachable.”

Agents also should use several adjectives and be specific, such as, “It’s a 5BD, 3Bath with an expansive family room. This needs to be upbeat, fun, and can NOT be salesy. The home has a kitchen that will make you feel like a gourmet chef. The description can only be 1000 characters.”

Agents can also provide the name of an artist or author whose style ChatGPT will try to replicate. For example, the agent could say, “Create this video script just like it’s from the Oprah Winfrey show.”

ChatGPT can also be useful for coming up with new marketing ideas or strategies using natural language– but it’s important that the primary marketing focus be on connecting with people rather than attempting to sell.

Source: RISMedia (01/24/23) Thompson, Drew

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