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Run Real Estate Ads That Deliver Results

Some details such as the number of bedrooms must be in every ad. But to sell the listing, writing should be interesting, concise and matched to the audience.

NEW YORK – Real estate ads should keep pace with the latest marketing trends, with a mind toward reaching the right audience and including the right information.

Every ad needs some basic details, though. It should always have a catchy headline that describes the home in one sentence along with:

  • listing details (address, price range, terms of sale, and listing agent)
  • location
  • amenities
  • structural features. like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, existing systems, and appliances
  • special features, such as a fireplace or renovated kitchen
  • property photos and/or videos

With Facebook ads, success strategies include setting up accounts on the Ads Manager, considering desired daily ad expenditures, basing the audience on needs and goals, compelling captions and visual elements, and maximizing placement.

Listings should be put online quickly and reliably using a customizable platform that is also easy to use and learn, with solid analytics for tracking progress. Hiring an advertising broker may cut costs as well.

Source: Realty Biz News (11/22/2022) Shepardson, Ben

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