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SMART Habits to Boost Business in 2023

This year’s goals should be “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.” Praise team members, stay calm and use morning hours to focus on top goals.

CHICAGO – As brokerages set their 2023 goals, they should be SMART about it, as in:

  • S-specific
  • M-measurable
  • A-achievable
  • R-realistic
  • T-timely

SMART habits include praising their team for efforts rather than results. Irrespective of whether a deal closes, individual and group efforts should be noted and honored, encouraged by such phrases as, “I have total confidence in you. I’ve never seen you give up. I know you’re going to get there.”

Perhaps as a New Year’s resolution, leaders should strive to stay calm even in stressful situations because their mood sets the company’s tone every day. Being levelheaded also lets them concentrate on their priorities and implement them.

Office leaders should identify their most productive hours of the day – for most the morning – and spend those hours doing something toward achieving their goals rather than checking emails.

In addition, those high-producing hours can be used to complete planned activities first, at a time when there are fewer distractions.

They may also benefit from changing their behavior. For instance, they might try working for an hour at home in the morning to avoid frequent interruptions from emails or questions.

Real estate professionals should also create a consistent routine based on the 8-2 rule, which suggests that of the 10 things a person does each day, only two are responsible for the success of the company. Once company leaders determine what those two things are, they should do them every day – and try to eliminate the other eight things.

Finally, leaders should define one or two priorities at the end of one day, make them SMART and write them down. That’s the list leaders hold when they walk into the office the next morning.

Source: Realtor Magazine (01/04/23) Harris, Tim; Harris, Julie

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