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Latest Scam: Fake Citizens Insurance Websites

State-run Citizens’ policies are sold only through insurance agents, but scammers are creating fake websites to target Fla. homeowners seeking coverage.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Citizens Property Insurance Corporation sent out a consumer alert to help Florida homeowners avoid scammers.

The warning: Be wary of internet schemes by entities masquerading as Citizens “selling” fictitious insurance products via the internet, notably through a website that appears to be operated by Citizens, the state’s “insurer of last resort.” The fake Citizens websites typically ask for credit card or other personal information under the guise of issuing a new policy or paying a claim.

Citizens does not sell automobile insurance policies, and it doesn’t sell property insurance directly over the internet. There’s only one way for a homeowner to secure a Citizens property insurance policy, and that’s through a network of licensed insurance agents.

Citizens’ fraud unit and legal team are workingshhh to have such sites taken down.

Floridians with questions should contact their agent, reach out to Citizens online or call Citizens at 866.411.2472.

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