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Is a Virtual Assistant Worth Considering?

A virtual assistant may be the answer to “all this paperwork is slowing me down.” The cost is often reasonable for tasks like data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping, etc.

NEW YORK – When real estate professionals work with clients and show properties, back-end tasks sometimes start to pile up at the office.

Virtual assistants (VAs) may be able to help. They work remotely as business support, and can complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks in areas like data entry, website upkeep, bookkeeping and scheduling.

It’s often cost effective because it means the more highly skilled and trained staff – including brokers and agents – can hand off the tasks that demand less skills and focus more time on high-ticket work, such as strengthening relationships, advancing the business and finalizing sales.

Other areas suitable for outsourcing with VAs include telemarketing, cold-call outreach and tenant management.

When it comes to call management, agents no longer have to spend time calling potential customers back, especially when doing so frequently results in getting voicemail. With 24-hour service offered by many VAs, clients can get calls returned in any part of globe.

Real estate teams that spend more than a couple hours per week on tedious, time-consuming tasks should likely consider outsourcing to a VA.

Source: Realty Biz News (02/22/2023)

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