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Avatar Agents Show Homes to Virtual Buyers?

Imagine: Future buyers will create an avatar and take an agent-guided 3D virtual tour – but the virtual agent’s answers, while correct, will be AI-generated by ChatGPT.

SAINT-HUBERT, Quebec, Canada – ChatGPT’s ability to write text is a hot commodity in real estate, but as the technology “learns” over time, its application will venture into other real estate arenas, including virtual tours.

A Canadian company, Urbanimmersive, has already announced plans for online virtual tours that include a computer-generated real estate agent who can answer buyers’ questions. The company says it just integrated ChatGPT into its plans, and it will offer the “UiMeet3D Greeting Bot” for virtual tours.

The technology is cutting edge but, like all cutting-edge technology, can become the real estate norm in the not-so-distant future.

If it performs as imagined, a homebuyer couple could take a virtual 3D tour together even if they’re living in different cities. While inside the home, their avatars can talk to each other as they walk from room to room. Using their web cameras, their buyer avatars are generated from their computer cameras, so they’ll literally be able to see each other’s faces as they discuss the house.

But they won’t be alone. The next high-tech change is a virtual real estate agent who can give them a tour. However, that agent isn’t real, even though it can answer most of their questions and make suggestions thanks to ChatGPT. The agent’s name to Urbanimmersive is “UiMeet3D Greeting Bot.”

According to Urbanimmersive, UiMeet3D Greeting Bot can answer limited questions based on curated information selected by the clients. Over time, though, future virtual tours will likely come closer and closer to a real agent. Currently, the Bots come equipped with a lot of information, including property descriptions, neighborhood details and 2D floor plans. With permission, the Bot can use this information to provide buyers answers to a wide range of questions, such as the number of rooms, square footage, nearby schools and public transportation options.

The UiMeet3D Greeting Bot can also provide information on a potential agent’s services and experience.

Urbanimmersive says its ultimate goal is to “equip the UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot with a highly personalized and intuitive interactive experience for viewers, exploring its 3D environments, provide a highly informative guided tour of home” and significantly enhance its lead generation capabilities.

“Going forward, businesses that build a substantial … organized and structured data set would be the ones that would leverage the most AI integration, such as ChatGPT,” says Ghislain Lemire, CEO of Urbanimmersive.

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