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Branded Swag? It’s Not Just for Big Brokers

The answer to “Who are you?” could be on your T-shirt – or phone case or tote bag. Print-on-demand services help small groups create group swag.

NEW YORK – Larger brokerages often have branded merchandise to help foster a group identity and spread enthusiasm about their brand.

However, teams or small brokerages should also have clothing or other swag that reflects their brand, and it may be easier to create than many realize.

Print-on-demand services through companies like Amazon or Canva enable brokers to order only what they want and have the items shipped directly to the recipient. The goods can be created and sent to current agents, agents being recruited, past clients and current leads, referral partners, and professional affiliates and colleagues.

It can also be used for event marketing, community service events or even as a donation.

Brokers can even create a company merchandise store stocked with items that are meaningful for agents and clients. That merchandise can feature logos, mottos or slogans – but it’s important for brokers to make sure they have permission to commercially use the logo or artwork they want to feature if it wasn’t created from scratch in-house.

Ways to use branded merchandise

  • As a tote bag to hold paperwork during the transaction – and then as a gift to clients during the initial listing or buyer presentation.
  • Throw pillows used in home staging
  • Pop sockets or phone cases offered to agents and staff members
  • Gifts to new agents
  • Holiday gifts
  • Promotional prizes

Brokerages that concentrate on a specific niche may consider creating merchandise with messaging or designs that reflect their focus. For instance, images or mottos associated with beach or resort towns would be different than those associated with a large city’s downtown markets.

Source: Inman (06/06/23) Pozos, Janet

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