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4B People Use Email Each Day – Market to Them

The size of an email list mirrors the return on investment. To create positive vibes and build relationships, add a mea culpa email that corrects an earlier mistake.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents can keep in touch with clients and contacts, produce leads and build brands through a well-crafted email newsletter – but only two out of three (64%) of small businesses use newsletter marketing even though 4 billion people use it every day.

An email newsletter should be a priority for agents with a large sphere of influence (SOI), and those with a small SOI and subscriber list should build a newsletter to maximize their marketing push.

For agents, a newsletter should go to almost everyone on the agent’s phone or email contact list, anyone in their SOI, and new contacts and leads – in other words, every email address the agent can find, adding as many as possible since a subscriber list’s growth mirrors that of the return on investment.

To make content appealing, they should avoid focusing on information and stories that readers can find in a number of places. Instead, the newsletter should focus on local content that affects readers’ market and lives directly. A conversational analog format is recommended, while delivery should be consistent and preferably done in the morning.

One tip that can build loyalty and, indirectly, make the agent look even more trustworthy? Send a follow-up email correcting some fact or statement in the previous one. Emails intended to correct errors can be an opportunity to produce more leads and conversations.

Source: Inman (05/25/23) Bramlett, Eric

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