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Four Tips for Creating a Healthy Agency Culture

Start with core values – but importantly, write them down to create a clear guide for the agency’s direction. It also helps keep everyone onboard if you make them short.

NEW YORK – To thrive, real estate agencies need to nurture a healthy and prosperous culture. RexMont Real Estate CEO Adriano Tori offers four tips to help agencies do that.

The first: Create core values so there’s a clear guide for the brokerage’s direction.

“Whatever those core values are, define them and put them in writing,” Tori recommends. “In doing this, remember to keep your list on the shorter side.”

Tori’s second tip is to supply agents with a data-driven roadmap that pinpoints the most successful strategy for engaging with buyers and sellers. It should emphasize diligent research and anticipate of clients’ every need.

Third, offer agents opportunities for education and mentorship. It can include a roster of options, such as classes, conferences, panel discussions, online tutorials, webinars and workshops.

“It’s also worth refreshing your agents’ knowledge by taking them through certification courses to brush up on their core competencies,” Tori writes. “Instilling a life-long appreciation and respect for learning in your agents will help carry them far in their careers.”

Tori’s fourth and final tip is to encourage and motivate agents to achieve and sustain a high degree of work satisfaction.

Source: Inman (05/25/23) Tori, Adriano

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