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Forewarn + Florida Realtors

Florida Realtors to Partner with Forewarn

New member benefit will enhance Realtors' safety and mitigate risks by verifying identities and validating info from potential clients – using just a phone number.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors® and Forewarn are joining forces to promote and enhance the safety of Realtors while they’re working to help buyers and sellers across Florida.

Florida Realtors has contracted to make Forewarn services available at no additional cost for its 238,000 members, beginning in January 2024. Forewarn LLC, a red violet company, is a leading provider of real-time information solutions for real estate agents.

“As the largest state Realtor association in the country, we strive to provide our members with the best solutions and the most value,” says Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant. “We’re thrilled to empower all of Florida’s Realtors with Forewarn to address such a critical industry need in the safety of our members.”

Available both online and through a mobile application, Forewarn analyzes billions of data points and provides users with the ability to mitigate risks by verifying identities and validating information provided by potential clients – using just a phone number. Its services enable real estate agents to plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.

“Helping people with their real estate needs is so rewarding, but the reality of this business is that agents are regularly faced with unknown risks,” says Florida Realtors President G. Mike McGraw. “Forewarn helps agents quickly verify the identity of their prospects and mitigate many safety and fraud concerns. We’re pleased to equip our members with this powerful solution at no additional cost to them.”

“We created Forewarn with the goal of delivering a proactive safety solution to the real estate industry to address inherent risks,” says James Reilly, president of Forewarn and red violet. “Through our discussions with Florida Realtors, it is clear their commitment to the safety of their members is paramount. We’re very pleased to partner with Florida Realtors to offer Forewarn as a member benefit, ensuring that every member real estate agent in the state of Florida possesses this essential solution to mitigate risk.”

In January 2024, Florida Realtors’ members will receive specific instructions on how to activate their Forewarn subscription.

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