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Won’t AI Make Everyone’s Content the Same?

Agents who once enjoyed an edge because they wrote dynamic content must now compete with a robot. How can agents continue to make their writing stand out?

NEW YORK – Artificial intelligence (AI) can make your writing sound better – but it can also make everyone else’s writing sound better. Online competition remains, but it moves to the next level.

Real estate professionals can leverage AI to enhance efficiency and personalization, and even help with decision. But to make AI-generated content stand out, agents must imbue it with an authentic voice and personal touch through fresh insights and perspectives – humanized material that customized to target audiences.

Highlighting a property’s unique features can also distinguish a Realtor’s AI writing from the competition’s. I can include, for example, architectural elements, special amenities and location benefits.

Professionals can also exhibit local expertise by offering personal neighborhood insights, such as sharing local market trends and statistics, and offering advice to local buyers and sellers. An interactive and immersive content format can engage audiences in a compelling user experience, allowing them to explore properties with virtual tours and 360-degree videos, interactive infographics and maps, user-generated content and social media engagement.

AI helps with one task but doesn’t solve anything. Realtors and brokers who wish to stay ahead of the AI curve should continue learning, follow industry thought leaders, keep up with AI innovations, network and collaboration.

To stand out, real estate pros must continuously improve and evolve their content strategies, which demands they:

  • Understand their target audience
  • Provide unique and high-quality content
  • Employ AI-enabled tools
  • Optimize their site for voice search
  • Use video content
  • Monitor and analyze content performance

Source: Realty Biz News (09/27/2023) Butler, Mihaela Lica

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