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New to ChatGPT? Ask It What to Do

As artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT can “get to know you.” Start off by saying, “Ask me questions to help you better understand me and my business.”

NEW YORK – ChatGPT is a potent tool that can help agents optimize their business results, and one way to start out is to personalize ChatGPT for more focused interactions.

Agents should begin with a prompt that encourages ChatGPT to learn about them and their company, such as, “Ask me questions to help you better understand me and my business.”

After answering ChatGPT’s questions, tell it to generate a description based on their responses. Agents can then modify their custom instructions by clicking on their name at the bottom left corner of the ChatGPT page.

ChatGPT can also help create attractive MLS descriptions and marketing content that impresses prospective sellers. For example, agents can ask ChatGPT to provide an MLS description for a specific address using a professional tone – or perhaps a different type of tone depending on the listing. Various versions can be printed and compiled in a folder, along with printouts of SEO (search engine optimization) content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

For innovative marketing ideas, agents can ask ChatGPT to provide 25 different ways to market a property. Those strategies can then be printed out and presented to prospective clients during a listing presentation as a roster of suggestions for marketing their property.

ChatGPT can also facilitate follow-up processes. Agents can, for example, ask it to create an email that focuses on opportunities in the changing real estate market and include an effective call to action. Agents can also ask ChatGPT to form a detailed business plan, including marketing strategies and daily activities.

ChatGPT can also assist with social media. It can not only generate engaging posts and content, it can be tasked with including emojis and hashtags.

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