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Don’t Door Knock Empty-Handed

To get past the front door, take value-adds along like handouts with info about local events, home improvement ideas, or other tips.

VENTURA, Calif. – While content marketing is the branding strategy of choice for many realty professionals today, others favor the hands-on approach. Going door-to-door, hosting in-person events, and/or making cold calls allows agents to use their personality and persuasive powers to cultivate leads.

However, in order to “get past the front door,” as California-based DOORA Properties phrases it, canvassing in the community requires more than charm.

“For agents who door knock,” write Janet Pozos and Ernesto Vargas – creative director and an agent with the firm, respectively – “we want to make sure there's a way for them to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with the homeowners they meet.”

Handouts featuring value-added information on topics like home improvement ideas, financial planning tips, local events, and even recipes, Vargas and Pozos explain, provide fodder for agents to dive beyond surface dialogue.

Similarly, property agents who promote their brand and message via email and channels including blogs, podcasts, and video also can forge a stronger connection with prospects through value-added information.

To “get past the trash can,” the DOORA authors suggest investing in sphere-of-influence mailers that lay the foundation for follow-up phone calls and in-person engagement. No matter which style an agent prefers, borrowing a little from the other creates a more effective strategy.

“A blended approach involving both in-depth information and direct contact will create deeper relationships that last for years to come,” Pozos and Vargas advise.

Source: Inman (10/16/23) Pozos, Janet; Vargas, Ernesto

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