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Manifest Success: The Power of Intention Setting

The goal is to stay laser-focused on goals, and the tool to get there is “intention setting” – creating clear and specific objectives to achieve success.

NEW YORK – Property professionals seeking to elevate their career shouldn’t underestimate the value of “intention setting,” according to coaches Emily Bossert and Melanie C. Klein. In this corner of industry, they contend, defining clear and specific objectives keeps agents trained on their goals, ultimately leading to success.

What makes intention setting different from just “wishful thinking”? The pair say it’s the laser focus and actionable format.

To put a plan in place for 2024, agents are advised to take stock of 2023’s accomplishments and disappointments – the lessons learned this year and potential areas of improvement.

Setting intentions for the new year should be based on an honest assessment of what skills the real estate agent wants to sharpen, what kind of professional experience is desired, what resources are available to support identified goals, and how that agent wants to feel when 2024 draws to a close.

“As you take the time to reflect on your past, define your future goals and take deliberate and inspired actions,” Bossert and Klein conclude, “you will unlock your full potential, which will help catapult your real estate career to new heights.”

Source: Inman (12/06/23) Bossert, Emily; Klein, Melanie C.

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