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Tips for Crafting Powerful Client Personas

Using personas or profiles for potential clients, like retirees looking to downsize, can help Realtors target marketing efforts and increase engagement.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Personas can help real estate professionals improve their ability to connect with ideal clients, making them feel seen and understood. These personas range from young professionals looking for their first home to others to retirees looking to downsize.

Real estate professionals should create a VIP guest list that groups potential clients by similar dreams, challenges, and characteristics, which become comprehensive profiles and go beyond simple demographics, such as age and location.

Once real estate professionals create these profiles, they can use them in marketing efforts to meet the potential clients' specific needs, solve their problems, and create emotional connections through engaging and relevant communications.

According to a MarketingSherpa study, marketing to personas can result in a 171% increase in revenue, 100% increase in website pages visited, 111% increase in email open rates, and a 900% increase in the length of time on a website.

Persona-based content also increases engagement sixfold, compared to targeting cold leads.

To start, professionals should focus on a few personas to target based on market needs, such as first-time home buyers, luxury home buyers, and empty-nester home buyers.

Drilling down further, professionals can create marketing specific for golfers looking for homes in golf communities, single women buyers, new construction buyers, and other categories of buyers.

Effective marketing will require real estate professionals to understand these potential clients’ goals and motivations, pain points and challenges, and other wants and needs. Agents then can develop content to address those desires and needs, which can include personalized newsletters, blog posts, and market updates.

Source: Inman (02/12/24) James, Marci

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