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You're Selling a Lifestyle

Real estate professionals aren’t just selling homes, they’re helping clients build a vision for their future.

NEW YORK -- Instead of selling homes as a physical building, real estate professionals should consider selling the homes as a lifestyle. To do that, real estate professionals should understand their clients' vision of how they want their lifestyle to be and find a home that makes that lifestyle possible.

It isn't about the number of bedrooms and how much square footage a home has, but about what kind of backyard the children will play in and how much sunlight the kitchen receives. During walk-throughs, clients should see not only the kitchen but be walked through what their gatherings would look like once they move in, Inman reported


Clients are looking for places where future memories will be made. After the pandemic, homes serve several functions for families — entertainment space, sanctuaries and office spaces. Real-estate professionals need to see the life their clients envision for themselves and make sure the homes they show are ones where those lives can become reality.

Source: Inman (02/13/24) Lawrence, Adria

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