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Spring Marketing Strategies That Create Buzz

The change of seasons is a great time to freshen marketing strategies. New ideas help Realtors get in front of a different audience and make better connections.

NEW YORK – Spring is one of the busiest seasons for real estate, and real-estate professionals should get in front of clients in fun and creative ways. Consider new ways to make connections, such as:

  • Throwing a pie party on Easter or Mother's Day and inviting  past, present and potential clients to choose or build their own pie
  • Selecting five to 10 past customers monthly and sending a small gift, whether it's a gift card or a bottle of lemonade and a small note of thanks
  • Creating a community library that everyone can use and share
  • Sponsoring a food truck in the community and chat with potential clients while they order
  • Using BombBomb videos to communicate with past clients about their upgrades or landscaping
  • Interviewing small business owners on your blog, website or in a video to share what's new and exciting
  • Creating a QR code for listings or the business and put it on your car
  • Hosting a movie night or spring clean-up day in the neighborhood
  • Sending out five hope-filled handwritten notes weekly to people in your neighborhood to demonstrate your care and kindness for your community

These efforts build trust and community and can lead to new and loyal clients.

Source: Inman (03/16/24) Davis, Darryl

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