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Florida Takes 11 of Top 25 Fastest-Growing Cities

Miami ranked No. 2 in the U.S. News and World Report’s list of fastest-growing cities. Other cities among the top 25 include Tampa, Lakeland, Port St. Lucie and Ocala.

TAMPA, Fla. – Three Tampa Bay area cities were ranked among the fastest-growing cities in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Sarasota (16), Tampa (13), and Lakeland (8) all ranked among the list of 25 cities showing the most growth, the report said. The list uses the U.S. Census Bureau's net migration data from 2021 to 2022.

In addition to net migration, the list also looks at median age, median home prices, median household income, and total population.

8. Lakeland

The first Tampa Bay area city to appear on the list, Lakeland was described as a "family-friendly small town."

"With its natural parks, sprawling public golf courses and placement between Orlando and Tampa, it's not difficult to mistake Lakeland for a large resort," the U.S. News and World Report wrote.

The city's net migration has risen by 3.19%, leading to an overall population of 163,774.

Lakeland, which has a median age of 41, was ranked 22nd on the list of best places to retire in 2024-2025.

13. Tampa

Tampa came in five spots higher, with its proximity to the beach and burgeoning "food-and-drink scene" getting credit for its growth.

"Residents enjoy both a laid-back beach lifestyle and big-city amenities, including professional sports teams, museums and an array of entertainment options," the report wrote.

Tampa, which also ranked 35th on the U.S. News and World Report's "Best Places" rankings, saw a 3.58% net migration with a 515,872 population.

16. Sarasota

The belle of the Tampa Bay area ball was Sarasota, which also ranked the highest of the three cities on the "Best Places" list (11).

"With a vibrant arts scene, burgeoning food-and-drink culture and miles of beautiful beaches, it's no surprise that people are flocking to Sarasota."

Sarasota is also the smallest of the three cities, with a population of just 82,472 after experiencing a 3.96% net migration rate.

The Top 25 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.

1. Phoenix

2. Miami

3. Boise, Idaho

4. Denver

5. Charleston, South Carolina

6. Oklahoma City

7. Austin, Texas

8. Lakeland, Florida

9. York, Pennsylvania

10. Huntsville, Alabama

11. Brownsville, Texas

12. Fayetteville, Arkansas

13. Tampa, Florida

14. Naples, Florida

15. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

16. Sarasota, Florida

17. Orlando, Florida

18. Reno, Nevada

19. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

20. Ocala, Florida

21. Tallahassee, Florida

22. Daytona Beach, Florida

23. Port St. Lucie, Florida

24. Killeen, Texas

25. Fort Myers, Florida 

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