Member Benefits Videos

A Look at How Florida Realtors Serves Members

If you've ever wondered what membership in Florida Realtors means, these videos can help explain! From education and leadership opportunities to tech support to political advocacy for the real estate industry Florida Realtors offers amazing benefits to its members.

'Florida Realtors PAC Gives Me a Voice in Decision-Making'

I give to Florida Realtors® PAC because it gives me a voice. I don't have access to decision makers in state and local government. Through Florida Realtors PAC, my voice is heard, and my career is protected. Giving means I make a difference to protect property rights for my customers today and in the future.

'I Want a Way for the Realtor Voice to be Heard in Tallahassee'

"Because I was not yet a U.S. Citizen, I couldn't vote in elections. So I did the next best thing to have my voice heard. I contributed to Florida Realtors® PAC. My contributions helped elect candidates who believe in homeownership and private property rights. I became a U.S. Citizen in 2007. I now exercise my right to vote and continue to give to Florida Realtors® PAC to further issues that are important to our industry."

'I Believe in Supporting a Productive Business Environment'

2013 Florida Realtors® President Dean Asher believes that investing in the Florida Realtors PAC helps elect candidates who support the real estate profession in our hometowns, in Tallahassee and in Washington. It's our way of doing our part to create a productive business environment for today's Realtors.

'Giving to the Florida Realtors PAC is an Investment in My Future'

State YPN chairperson Sarah Taylor is a broker associate in Port St. Lucie. She gives to the Florida Realtors PAC because it's a good investment in her future. She joined the profession in the downturn market of 2009 and watched the PAC at work to advocate for stimulating the economy with homebuyer incentives. That's why she contributes part of each commission to the PAC to fight and keep the dream of homeownership a reality.n

All About Florida Realtors' Silent Angels Charity

Reaching out and helping people in dire need. That's what Silent Angels is all about. It's also about bringing joy, touching hearts and improving lives. So why are we silent? Because doing the right thing is all that really matters. Learn more about this Florida Realtors' charity.