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Gia and Scott Arvin

Realtor® Gia Arvin: The Heart and Soul of Matchmaker Realty

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Almost four years ago, Gia Arvin’s mother and founder of Matchmaker Realty of Alachua County, passed away, leaving a legacy that Gia was proud to build on. “I took over in 2020 but was in the business for 20 years. I am proud of the work my mom did,” says Gia.

Matchmaker Realty, located in Gainesville, is a testament to the power of family, community and dedication. Today, under Gia’s leadership, the firm has 21 real estate agents, a full-service property management department and a commercial division. Gia is also the 2024 president of Florida Realtors®.

Gia is one of 20 Realtors® to become Florida Realtors® Board Certified Professionals, a new endorsement for Realtors® who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and fulfilled leadership, education and skill-based achievements over the life of their real estate careers.

Having been in the business for two decades, Gia’s passion for real estate is evident. But it’s her emphasis on customer service that sets her apart. Recognizing the emotional weight of moving and the life transitions it often accompanies, Gia is committed to ensuring her clients feel comfortable, educated, and stress-free throughout the process.

“Moving is a big deal and oftentimes the move is accompanied by other changes, such as marriage and children,” she continues. “I believe in educating the consumer so the entire process is as stress-free as possible. The transaction might be burning down on the back end, but they never know it,” she laughs.

Gia also believes in the power of community and relationships. Her approach to client relationship management, internally categorizing her sphere into platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories, ensures personalized touches that foster long-term relationships.

“If they’ve referred me to more than five people, they’re in my platinum category,” she says. That means her customers are part of the Matchmaker family and receive invites to appreciation events, donuts on their birthdays and other recognitions.

“We’re organic in the way we grow our business. Our customers come from our involvement in the community, not from buying leads from a third party,” she adds.

Community involvement is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Matchmaker sales associates are encouraged to serve on a nonprofit board, and the company supports community and youth events.

Gia’s commitment to professionalism and education is evident in her pursuit of board certification. As the 2024 president of Florida Realtors, she believes in leading by example. In addition, Matchmaker Realty’s office culture reflects Gia’s values. The firm attracts agents who are driven to succeed and committed to community, education, and professionalism. Three real estate professionals from Matchmaker earned the Board Certified Professional endorsement in 2023, its inaugural year.

For Gia, real estate is not just about houses; it’s about families, community and relationships.

Her husband Scott Arvin agrees. 

Realtor® Scott Arvin: Growing a Property Management Business


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Scott Arvin, who works side-by-side with his wife Gia as a co-owner of Matchmaker Realty in Gainesville, believes in education. “As a Realtor®, you need to constantly continue to educate yourself. I’ve been in the business almost 20 years and I still am learning,” he says. That’s one reason he pursued Florida Realtors® Board Certified Professional endorsement in 2023.

Scott is one of 20 Realtors in the first class to become Board Certified Professionals, a new endorsement for Realtors who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and fulfilled leadership, education, and skill-based achievements over the life of their real estate careers.

Arvin started in real estate renovating and selling homes as a side business with his father. “I started dating Gia and her parents owned a real estate company. Her dad was high up in pharmaceutical sales and that’s what I wanted to do. But he would not write me a letter of recommendation for a job,” says Scott. “He told me I could do better in real estate sales than in pharmaceutical sales.”

His father-in-law was correct. He saw Scott’s potential and encouraged him to dive into real estate sales. And, as it turned out, that piece of advice was gold.

Scott’s expertise in real estate continued beyond buying and selling homes. Over the years, he became a top-producing agent. And, when his wife Gia’s parents passed away, “We changed our roles, and I started overseeing the property management company,” he says.

But, more than that, he has shifted his primary focus to expanding and growing this division of their brokerage. His approach, he notes, is not just about consistent income; it’s about ensuring that the properties under his care are managed with the utmost professionalism and according to the laws and rules.

One of the critical insights Scott brings to the table is the understanding that, while many are attracted to property management because of its perceived steady cash flow, not all take the time to understand its intricacies. Scott emphasizes the importance of genuinely understanding the regulations, laws and nuances that come with being a property manager.

Scott stands out for his dedication to understanding and adhering to the rules and laws governing the field. While many dive into property management attracted by its consistent revenue stream, Scott recognizes the challenges and pitfalls.

Scott believes in equipping himself with comprehensive knowledge and ensuring that every aspect of his property management business is up to the highest standard. His professional ethos emphasizes thoroughness, compliance and providing the best service to his clients, as befitting a Florida Realtors® Board Certified Professional.

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