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Stacy Plean board certified realtor

Realtor® Stacy Plean: Lessons Learned from Past Careers

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Before she started in real estate, Stacy Plean, a broker associate with LoKation Real Estate in Pompano Beach, loved going to open houses. "I thought it was so cool to see other people's houses." This simple fascination led her to earn her broker's license in 2004. She started with Coldwell Banker during a dynamic market. The market shifted and so did Stacy's career trajectory.

It would take more than open houses to entice Stacy to get her real estate license. Instead, she became a pivotal player in the garment industry. Her journey there was multifaceted, with purchasing, production and sales roles. But the pinnacle of her garment career was when she took the entrepreneurial leap, buying a factory in the Dominican Republic, going from 35 to 450 employees.

This wasn't just a business venture but a masterclass in adaptability. She says that dealing with foreign governments, foreign political governments and all different types of personalities was foundational in shaping her interpersonal skills. Stacy recalls several times she had difficult negotiations, highlighting her ability to pivot, adapt and handle diverse situations gracefully. "This experience helped me navigate negotiating [real estate transactions]," Stacy says, and highlights her ability to pivot and adapt.

Her approach to real estate is deeply personal. She specializes in guiding first-time homebuyers and seniors, ensuring they feel supported every step of the way. "First-time home buyers are scared. They've never done this before," she says. "As long as I'm awake, I will answer my phone," recalling instances when clients have reached out in the early hours for reassurance. 

Stacy is a Florida Realtors® Board Certified Professional®, a new endorsement for Realtors who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and fulfilled leadership, education and skill-based achievements during their real estate careers. She is one of 20 Realtors to first earn the endorsement in 2023.

Personal challenges in life often provide purpose. For Stacy, losing her mother to Alzheimer's became a turning point. "I found that as a primary caregiver, it was extremely difficult to navigate the needs and the wants for the family," she explains. The challenges of understanding the disease, seeking appropriate care, and navigating the emotional landscape became a daily reality.

Her mother's battle with Alzheimer's wasn't just a personal tragedy; it became a call for Stacy to make a difference. Her appointment to the Alzheimer's Disease Advisory Committee shows her commitment. "This is my mom saying, 'you go girl, you champion'," she reflects.

Stacy's advocacy is not just about raising awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease; it's about providing tangible support, guiding others through the labyrinth of challenges, and ensuring that no one feels alone in their journey with Alzheimer's.

Stacy's pursuit of the Board Certified Professional endorsement is a testament to her commitment to professionalism. She recalls mentoring moments, guiding new agents through the intricacies of contract writing and client communication. "I've always had a pet peeve dealing with agents on the other side that I haven't thought were the most professional," she admits, emphasizing her dedication to raising the bar in the industry.

For Stacy, real estate is a passion; her journey from navigating the complexities of the garment industry to guiding first-time homebuyers demonstrates her adaptability, dedication and passion.

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